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And yes, your characters ARE allowed to fourth wall/recognize him!
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Name Mickey // Mickey Mouse
Age Looks in his twenties, actually past eighties.
Team N/A, Knight.

Height/Build Shorter than four feet, small lean build.
Hair Color/Eye Color Black and black.
Notable Traits He is a giant mouse. Big feet, big hands, but let's face it, you're going to notice the ears.

Other He has a great abundance of 'light' in him, if your character can sense this sort of thing. And you are allowed to "Fourth Wall" him, in other words know of Disneyworld and cartoons and all that good stuff, just expect him to be incredibly confused.
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This is Mickey Mouse! Looks like ya just missed me. Sorry about that, guess I'm not around... but leave me a message, and I'll try ta get back ta ya real soon!


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You know how these bad boys work. If there's something wrong with how I'm playing him, let me know, and I'll do my best to improve! All comments are screened.
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CR Chart (Luceti) )

Marvel Comics
The Unusual Ally. Every other word out of his mouth is an oddity, but the other words are informative and kind. When Mickey can understand Deadpool, he's good for a laugh and a friendly time.

Avatar : The Last Airbender
The Funny Artist. Anyone who can tell bad - er, good jokes as well as Mickey can is number one in his book. It helps that Sokka is a good friend, too, and full of cheer. Mickey's eager to see Sokka's artistic talent bloom, and encourages the first Luceti-made cartoon out of him.

Dr. Walter Bishop
The Ill Doctor. 'Doc', as Mickey calls him, sometimes seems to have a few screws loose. There may be more to his backstory, but Mickey isn't going to pry. For now, he's content to know the happy man, since he helped teach Mickey about his 'famous status'. Not to mention that fun Fourth of July Party! How can anyone who shares hot dogs and fireworks be bad?

Kingdom Hearts
The Chosen Friend. Riku may feel he owes Mickey, but Mickey feels he owes him just as much. Through Riku, Mickey learned that not all Darkness is bad, and that there are still many secrets of the Keyblade to be unlocked. They are as close as brothers, and Mickey would rather perish than let anymore harm befall his friend. The two share a path that will never divide.

Kingdom Hearts
The Returned Ally. Mickey wasn't sure if he'd ever see Ventus again, but even seeing the boy alive and well hasn't mended the hole in his heart. He still feels guilty over keeping secrets and not saving him, and so he's vowed to change Ventus' future in any way possible. Ven himself is still the good-natured, happy boy he's always been. Mickey hopes that never changes.

Princess Tutu
The Heartless Prince. Mickey just thought this kid was naive at first - it was a shock to learn he was literally missing his emotions! He's not sure how to find those 'heart shards', but he's more than happy to teach Mytho what each and every emotion means. Mytho is a good boy, and there's a strong soul beating inside him.

Avatar : The Last Airbender
The Bending Buddy. Mickey sees a lot of himself in the young man – playful, happy, and able to do great things with good humility. Bending is an intriguing concept, and he’s eager to learn more from Aang. Of course, he’s also eager to just joke and fool around with his pal too. There’s always a good time guaranteed when Aang’s aaround!
</td></tr><tr><td height="25" bgcolor="#153647" colspan="2">enemies</td></tr><tr><td>

Kingdom Hearts
The First Nothing. Even knowing what he does about the 'real' Xemnas, Mickey cannot and will not trust this enemy. He won't warn others until he has proof Xemnas is up to no good - once of Luceti's good points is that everyone's depowered, after all. He just hopes Xemnas is all talk.

If you'd like to be added, drop a note!
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[Character Name] Mickey Mouse
[Canon] Kingdom Hearts
[Point Taken from Canon] Post DDD.

[Age] Unknown. Going by human years, at least thirties.
[Gender] Male.
[Sexual Orientation] Hetero

[Eye Color] Black.
[Hair Color] Black.
[Height] Short?
[Other] Surprise, he's a mouse.
[Clothing] All the zippers.

Rest under the cut. )
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You've Got A Friend In Me )</td></tr><tr><td align="justify" width="800" valign="top">
Ben Tennyson
[personal profile] omnitrixter
A fun kid with an unusual power. Maybe someday I'll see all his forms - Hopefully not when he's pranking me!

[personal profile] ledgerdomaingirl
A powerful 'witch' who just needed some love and acceptance. She's become someone to really be proud of. If only everyone else could see her that way.

Gwendolyn (Gwen) Tennyson
[personal profile] futuregrandmagus
Ben's sister. We got off to a rocky start, because of my friendship with Charmcaster. I'm sure we can all get along if we try hard enough!

Looma Red Wind
[personal profile] tough_love
On the one hand, she believes in love. On the other hand, she's absolutely terrifying and maybe a little nuts. What did I get myself into this time?

Junko Enoshima
[personal profile] sobored
Perhaps one of the biggest threats to Empatheias. But I'm not giving up on her. There has to be a way to cure her mind.

Death Emizel
[personal profile] trademark_skull
We've been pals since we both arrived here at the same time. Took a while for him to admit, but it's still true. A good kid I can count on.

[personal profile] seasaltkeys
I'm proud to say he's one of my closest friends. He's come a long way and truly become his own person. I won't be satisfied until I know there's a way to keep him like this.

Princess Celestia
[personal profile] letteropener
My favorite fellow trouble-maker. She knows how to have a good time, but not how to take off the tiara. I think there's still a lot more we can learn from each other.

[personal profile] andwesucceeded
A stubborn Pokemon. Each time we talk, we understand a little more. But he still has a long way to go.

Shootie (Trip)
[personal profile] pictureimperfect
He was a tough nut to crack at first, but it's been worth it. I'm glad he was there for me, and that I could do the same for him. Try getting him to admit it, though!

Rose Quartz
[personal profile] roseheartz
A fun lady who knew when I needed a hug. A laugh's guaranteed when we're together. But is it just me, or is she scared of her future?

Ruby City。

[personal profile] manga_goddess_skuld
A goddess who seems good when it comes to tech. She's a good kid, and a good friend. I just wish she'd listen to what I was saying!

Ezio Auditore da Firenze
[personal profile] renaissancerevenge
A fellow who was really interested in my Keyblade. I can't help but show off when he's around. Thank goodness he's such a good guy!

Chibi Chibi
[personal profile] moonlit_star
A cute little girl with a bundle of secrets. Whatever they are, I know she means well and just wants to help. But I'm going to solve her mystery!

Princess Aurora
[personal profile] cursedtosleep
One of the Seven Princesses. No surprise's that she's so kind and sweet. But is it right for me to tell her the future?

[personal profile] leftmytower
A sweet gal who can swing a mean frying pan. I'm worried about what she's had to endure before. I'm sure she'll tell us when she's ready.

[personal profile] angelicbadass
An angel who has really earned his wings. A fun sparring partner too! He continues to surprise me over and over.

[personal profile] seashell_memory
Seems to be a member of organization 13, but then why have I never heard of her? She seems familiar, and she's nice enough. No matter what I find out, I'm sure to still like her.

[personal profile] goldeneyeball
A great cook and a great friend.Kinda paranoid here and there, but I'm sure he's got his reasons for it. I'm glad he was here to explain things!

Forest Covered。

Bishop Frau
[personal profile] battleformysoul
Not exactly the nicest fellow around. He has saved my hide before, though! Maybe he just needs some friendship.

[personal profile] deathbyflowers
Who knew flowers could be so interesting? A nice guy who makes learning fun. I just hope he hasn't told anyone else I like roses.

Celty Sturluson
[personal profile] dontloseyour
One of those strong, silent types. She's a bundle of secrets, but also very nice. It's going to be a fun time getting to know her!

[personal profile] prismbloom
The Master I aspire to be. Being able to form a stronger friendship with her has been great. Also, I always knew she Terra would get together!

[personal profile] keybearer
Not quite the Riku I know. Though he took a different path, he's still my pal. It's been interesting to learn what changed.

[personal profile] missingache
The Nobody who has become his own person. He's fun and funny, and I want to get to know him more. Can't he stay like this?

[personal profile] keyblading
One of my best pals ever! He always has great ideas, and I always look forward to what he does next. As long as he doesn't get us both in trouble!

[personal profile] rapscalliongirl
Whenever we're together, a fight's bound to happen. I'm starting to think she has it out for me. I've gotta make a run for it when I see her!

If you want to be add, comment!
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Canon Name: Mickey Mouse
Work Name: Mortimer
Canon: Kingdom Hearts

Age/Sex/Gender: Timeless / Straight / Male
Species/Supernatural Qualities: Mouse 

Point Total:
Other Notes:


Platonic Physical Contact: allowed!
Romantic/Sexual Physical Contact: no thanks.
Violent Physical Contact: Please PM me first, but I'm pretty OK with it.
Mindreading: Go for it.
IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: None I can think of!
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 [There's the sound of running footsteps and grass crunched underfoot - the mouse is on the move, talking rapidly into his communicator.]

Has anybody seen Mytho?! I woke up this mornin', and he was gone! No letter, no warning, no nothin'!

I don't believe this... I promised him I'd look after him and make sure he recovered, and now he's gone! Why... why do I keep lettin' people down?!

And with that barrier gone... he could be anywhere! 

[Of course, the obvious question hangs - was the boy sent home? Why doesn't Mickey ask that out loud? Because deep down, Mickey has a horrible feeling that Mytho willingly ran away. It's only a feeling, but it's a strong one - and as he'll soon find out, it's also a true one.]

If any of you see him... he's a white haired young human boy, with amber eyes...

Mythooo! Where are you?!
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This is Mickey Mouse. I need some help here, or at least someone who's got information.

Has anyone else started acting strange since we time arrived at this place? Felt their bodies become weaker?

My friend Mytho's been acting strange since we came here. I'm staying with him until he feels better.

But the weirdest thing is his attitude. He's usually a really nice kid! He's my friend! But lately sometimes he acts like he's the one in charge, that i'm supposed to obey him. I've got a bad feeling about it.

If you've got anything, I'd love to hear it. Everyone, be safe.
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 [When the device turns on, mickey is sitting under the trees, looking a little forlorn.]

Y'know... I've been traveling a lot before I came here. Goin' ta different worlds, helpin' em out... usually I did it on my own. It's funny... when I'm alone, I didn't miss everyone as much as I do now, with all you here. I guess it's kinda like I'm jealous... 

Usually at this time of year, Pluto and I might go swimmin', in those big lakes...

[It should be noted that while Mickey rambles, a cheerful looking dog has trotted up next to him. To some of you fourth-wall-breakers, he's very familiar.]

And when when me and the guys were dry, Pluto would shake himself silly, gettin' us all wet again. Then he'd give us a big bark, like he was pretendin' ta be sorry.


Yep, just like that. Then we'd head on home, knowin' the girls probably made us somethin' delicious ta eat...

Rowf rowf!

[Annoyed, Mickey gives him a curt glance.] Pluto, stop interruptin, I'm tryin' ta share somethin'!

Urrrr. [Pluto hangs his head in apology.]

[Mickey nods, and resumes.]

Now, where I was I... right, the swimmin' the shakin', the food, the...

[... Wait a minute. Mickey stops, and slowly starts to turn to his side]

P...Plu - WHOA!

[And in that next instant, Mickey is tackled down by his playful pup, and the device lands on the ground a few inches away. Those still tuning in can hear Mickey gleefully asking such things as 'When did you get here?!' and 'Who's a good boy?']
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 [Mickey turns on the device, looking both curious and... a little worried. He sits on top of a slide, deciding he'll have his fun once the questions are answered. What questions?]

Hello, everybody! This is Mickey Mouse! I, uh... well, I got somethin' ta ask everyone here. And I need ya to be honest!

Lately I've been findin' out that, somehow... Other worlds know about me. They say I'm a 'cartoon', and that I've got amusement parks.

Now sometimes there are worlds that have similarities... Kinda like 'echos' of each other. Fairy tales in one world might be real life in another.

But somethin' about this just seems real strange! So if ya don't mind, I'd like ta hear how many of ya know about me.

[For those of you passing by in the playground, you might see a giant mouse on the swings. As you would.]
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 [Another warrior home from the draft, who is absolutely not going to speak about it. Despite knowing better, he feels incredible guilt for letting his friends down. And things aren't faring better back 'here' either. He frowns - he's on the rooftop, trying to get a look across the land.]

... I thought those lil' changes might stop while we were gone, but it looks like everythin' keeps goin' backwards. The entire landscape is changin'. I don't like it... At this rate, we'll all be livin' in caves and makin' fires.

[He holds up the device, making sure everyone can see the same area he's seeing. he then sighs, leaning on the edge.]

If anyone else is seein' these big changes, we ought ta keep each other informed. We can't do much against it, but we need ta stick togetHWAAAAAAH

[Apparently the drifts weren't okay with Mickey's boring serious talk, and that edge has decided not to be there anymore, causing poor Mickey to plummet. Thankfully he managed to grab a windowsill, and his tail snagged his journal. Don't question the physics of a cartoon mouse.]

... I know worlds can dream, but I'm startin' ta think they can have a bad sense a'humor too.
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[For those of you living in the Heart Building, you'll find a little treat outside of your door - an itty bitty basket with a good hunk of cheese, and a note, saying 'From your new neighbor, Mickey Mouse!' It's his way of saying hello. He'll be humming a little song as he goes about his delivery. But during this, he also turns the device on, deciding to say hello to others.]

Hiya folks! Thought I'd check and see how ya all were doin' since I first arrived. Sure seems like somethin's always goin' on... guess you can't say this place ain't excitin'. But I think I'm finally gettin' the hang of it!

[He takes out a big piece of cheese for himself.]

So if ya missed me before, the name's Mickey Mouse! And I wanted ta offer my services! I can fight, I can heal, and I'm always happy ta make a new friend! The best part of my day is helpin' someone else!

[He then chuckles, closing his eyes as he prepares to take a bite.]

And this is the second best part of my day.

[... unfortunately, luceti's strange time shenanigans are still in play - resulting in the cheese suddenly aging and rotting in his hand within seconds. Alas, while you might be screaming in horror, he takes a big bite.

And then his eyes open.





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